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Fledgling Pagan!

Posted in Pagan with tags , , , , , on February 16, 2008 by Green Raven

Today I’ve been reading Wiccan articles on, I never knew they had Wicca or Paganism How-To guides on there. They give a very basic start to a Pagan/Wiccan path.

How to become a Solitary Witch

A solitary witch is simply a Wiccan who practices on their own.Read as much as you can, especially various ways of practising Wicca and Witchcraft.

  • Experience Nature, take frequent walks and become aware of the changing seasons.
  • Keep A Journal, write down everything you learn, what you believe, and how it fits together.
  • Write down everything you feel, think, experience, note, learn, rituals performed, etc. Self-knowledge is an important concept in Wicca and recording everything that happens along your journey is essential to that.
  • Make note of areas of confusion or failures (if you wrote about a ritual that you performed) or anything that you need to work on.
  • Choose a magickal name for yourself.
  • Begin practicing Wicca by creating very simple rituals to honour the festivals.
  • Practice a ritual or two to honour the God and the Goddess. Because ritual is such an important part of the Wiccan religion you should research and prepare yourself before you start. This includes ritual purification baths, consecrations, charging of magickal tools, fasting and selection of chants or music.
  • Be sure to prepare yourself for every ritual or spell you want to cast. Research is fundamental and necessary for every Wiccan practice.
  • Enjoy yourself, the Wiccan religion is centred around being yourself. Never try to change yourself for anyone else.

I’ve always waited for sabbats to perform rituals to honour the God and Goddess. After reading above, it seems so obvious to me that I can perform a ritual to honour the God and Goddess at any time. And it’s perfect practice for me to learn to feel more comfortable doing rituals and not stressing that they have to be perfect for the sabbat. I need to make my rituals simpler (so less can go wrong), and enjoy them more so I can concentrate on what the ritual is for, rather than whether I’m doing it right or not!