Daughters of Eve

 Daughters of Eve

I did the test in Spirit & Destiny magazine’s latest issue – Which of the Seven Daughters of Eve are you descended from, judging from your personality traits. Apparently you can trace which daughter of eve you descended from through your DNA, and scientists have found that the descendants actually share personality traits with the Daughter of Eve they have descended from.

So, according to this, the Daughter of Eve I have descended from is Tara. Interesting, as I felt drawn to the image of her amongst the Seven before I even read the article, she just seems to sum up how I feel.


The personality traits I share with her are:Spiritual, Creative, Quiet, Loyal, Artistic, Kind, Possessive.Tara lived 17,000 years ago in north-west Italy. Her descendants make up 10 per cent of modern Europeans, living throughout southern and western europe, with high concentrations in Ireland and the west of Britain.

Like Tara, I’m a nature lover and happiest next to the sea. I live for holidays and adventure, and love nothing more than a weekend in the countryside surrounded by friends and family. Pets are likely to be very special to me, and are treated like members of the family.My friends love my laid-back attitude and often come to me for advice. I have my own deep-seated beliefs and enjoy exercise with a spiritual edge, like yoga.

I’m passionate about green issues and take pride in my efforts to be eco-friendly and ethical. This obsession can annoy my friends, but they know I mean well.

It’s rather surprising just how similar I am to what is written above. I’m proud of the type of person Tara and her descendants are, it somehow just feels right. It just fits my life to a ‘T’



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