Life after death? Pagan and Christian viewpoints…

Today I was reading the latest issue of Spirit & Destiny magazine. And there;s a feature about the Seven Daughters of Eve. A creation story, which at first seems quite far-fetched, but then I think about Christianity’s creation story – Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. That too would seem quite far-fetched if I had not been taught it through school, but learnt about the Daughters of Eve. This also makes me think about life and death. What we believe about what happens when we die tends to come from what you believe, or is it merely what we are exposed to? As a child I was brought up in a Church of England school, you learned about Heaven and Hell. When you die, if you had been good you went to heaven, if not you went to Hell. I knew no other way of looking at life after death, so this was assumed to be fact when I first learnt it. Now I have heard other ways of looking at life after death, pagans tend to believe in Summerland, and reincarnation. Everyone goes to Summerland when they die, whether they’ve been good or bad. But they pay for the good and bad they do in life through Karma. What you give out comes back to you, three times as much. A kind of Karmic debt you build up through your actions in life.

At first this sounded quite ludicrous to me, and reincarnation, do we really come back and live another life, sometimes as different creatures? And we never remember this? Perhaps when you think about it, plants are born in the soil, when they die, they crumple and go back to the soil, they bio-degrade away into it, and a new plant is born from it, possibly from the same decomposed matter, are we reborn in a similar fashion? Our souls/spirits broken down and remoulded into something new?

It just makes you think, when we are exposed to new ways of thinking, it can turn your whole perspective on what you think life is, completely upside down.

And we only believe what we believe from what we hear and learn from others, books that have been written, and the experiences we have, that help shape what we think and feel about life. And I guess the truth is, we’ll never know until we pass from this world, and if we are reincarnated, we’ll be reformed with no knowledge of our past lives…


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